Greeting someone on a special day or just because you feel like it can cause immense joy that gives positive energy to a lot of people .even if you’re the one giving the greeting, it can still impact you in different ways and make you feel warmth not often felt by many. Simple things like words can mean a lot to someone when it comes from the heart.

It’s necessary to plan the message you’ll give especially for more important occasions. How to do that?

Personalized messages

The best way is to say or write something from the heart. If you give it to someone special or someone you actually know, the flow of words is easier. There’s no need to overthink the little details. When you find it hard to begin, think of what that person and you’ll realize the things you’ve always wanted to say to them. You can also start by enumerating the things you are grateful for. Others also include items they wish to apologize for. And most importantly, think of what you wish for them.

 Adding related quotes

Another way to give your special greeting is to include a quote. It adds the personal touch and if it’s something they recognize, it becomes even more endearing for them. There are different quotes from famous individuals or quotes from movies and books you can use. If you’re not sure which one to pick, just choose what’s the best fit according to occasion or relevance. Or you can try to incorporate what they prefer.

The best happy wishes

 Excerpt from favorite a poem or story

This can be very suitable for the creative person. It can be a poem you came across and you think is a perfect fit for the situation. Or it can also be a story that means a lot to the both of you. There are some who are creative enough to make poems and stories of their own. It doesn’t get any personal than this!

Plan the delivery

There are different ways to get the message across. The most direct way is to just tell them the message. Others can’t do this for some reason. Traditional means like writing a letter or giving through card will work as well. With technology, there are different ways to choose from. And you can customize it all you want as well. There are programs and websites that help create greeting cards for printing, presentations, customized books, and other stuff you can place your message in.

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