Bemus Landscape

Bemus Landscaping Inc – San Diego CA

Bemus Landscape is a family owned, commercial landscape company that has been doing business since the year 1973. Their only purpose is to serve their client. They take pride in themselves for their unique approach in the maintenance of landscape. They have been very popular for the past 45 years, as they have established a long-term relationship and have gathered partnerships with its employees and clients building a trusted relationship. They have always focused on training their employees and paying them well so that they get work satisfaction when they are concentrating on getting the cutting-edge technology for landscapes. It also provides greater productivity and quality at a very minimal cost.

They focus mainly on five things: no weeds, no trash, no dead plants, green grass & beautiful flowers. When you are doing business with Bemus you would have an account manager who would be in charge of everything and would help to cater to the customers needs. Bemus Landscapes always make sure that the expectation of their clients is fulfilled and services delivered on time.


The company was formed in 1973 by Bill Bemus who had to earn money while he was going to Orange Coast College. He started his business in a ’62 Dodge pickup and started doing gardening services and also mowed lawns, shearing hedges, raking leaves, pruning trees and picking up dog poop. He soon married his high school sweetheart Martine after he founded the company. He was only 20, while she was 19. They had a good life. His passion for gardening grew and he transformed the business into a “full service” landscape company called Bemus Landscape.

He further studied and also got his C-27 Contractors license from Cal Poly Pomona. He now became a landscape contractor with a license. Soon they were blessed with two kids Colin and Corin. This is when he decided to let go of the decision of completing his degree and started running the company. It was one of the good decisions as they had two more children Claire and Spencer. The company used to design and build landscapes for home owners all along Newport Beach south to San Clemente. Bemus Landscapes Inc grew larger in time and began major projects of landscapes for Orange County.

Services Provided

  • Landscape Management: It does not matter if you are a property owner, HOA representative or a facility manager, Bemus Landscape always understands the needs of its clients. Many homeowners wanted to maintain or increase the value of the property and thus they invest in landscape improvements and maintenance. This makes the property more valuable and homeowners find their house more beautiful. The Bemus landscape provides you customized services thus providing you their services in a reasonable cost and efficient labor. They also provide services like retrofitting and upgrading irrigation systems and conducting analysis of usage of water and costs. They also look into keeping your system within your budget and free of any defect. They also take responsibility for the safety of the client and the contractor and also focus on reducing accidents due to management problems.
  • Tree Care: Trees are one of the important aspects of landscape and should be treated very carefully. The services provided for tree care are Pruning, Stump grinding, Pest and disease control, bracing and cabling, Injections and emergency service for 24 hours. They also have aerial rescue training for their employees to train them on how to rescue an employee while he is on a high round and bring him back to safe ground.
  • Renovation and Design: They also provide landscape renovation.

Brush Management: They deal with creating a safe environment for people against the threat of fire through brush management.