Many people use bitcoins because it is the perfect way to stay anonymous while making transactions and payments.  You mainly consider bitcoins because you do not lose money through inflated transaction fees. If you are already in the bitcoin business, it is time that you know about bitcoin mixing.

Before anything, you should know that bitcoin mixing is also called bitcoin tumbling. Essentially, mixing bitcoins ensure that your transactions remain hidden from the public records. Many consider this as a precaution when using the DNM (Dark Net Markets) as well as visiting gambling sites.

The good news is that mixing is not a difficult procedure – as soon as you understand the basics. To help you improve your online crypto-anonymity, here’s how to mix:

Mixing on your own

If you are attempting to mix on your own, you should bitcoin mixing service - Cryptomixerconsider the following process to ensure safety:

  • Step 1: create a wallet. This will be regarded as your first wallet.
  • Step 2: buy bitcoins then send the amount if you want to mix it to your first wallet.
  • Step 3: create another wallet. This will be regarded as your second wallet and it should be created over the Tor network.
  • Step 4: send bitcoins from your first wallet to the second wallet.
  • Step 5: create the next wallet. This will be regarded as your third wallet and it should be created over the Tor network.
  • Step 6: pick the mixer you will use and then set up your transaction in that specific mixer using the address from your third wallet. It is recommended that you use several addresses then set time delays.
  • Step 7: it is time to send the coins from your second wallet to the mixer’s generated address. You should do this over the Tor network.
  • Step 8: if you send bitcoins to DNM, you should have a deposit address. If no deposit address, you should log in and then get it but make sure that the JavaScript is disabled.
  • Step 9: to check if your coins have arrived from the mixer, you can utilize’s Tor. As soon as the coins arrive, you should restart Tor and then send it to the market address.

Through mixing services

You can also consider mixing services like bitcoin mixing service – Cryptomixer. Availing of third-party services to mix your bitcoins can be a risk that is why you have to pick the right service carefully. The ideal mixing service should offer reasonable fees. Keep in mind that low fees range from 1% to 5% per transaction.

Mixing in wallet

If you think that mixing services are not enough, you should learn how to mix in a wallet. There is also a process:

  • Step 1: send bitcoin to a wallet. While you are at it, you should create another from the Tor browser.
  • Step 2: send bitcoin to the second wallet created from the Tor browser.
  • Step 3: use the second wallet to continue creating a few wallets.
  • Step 4: choose a mixing service.