Cape Cod Landscape Association

CCLA – Cape Code Landscape Association

The Cape Cod Landscape Association, Inc. is a trade association that is not for profit. It serves the requirements of businesses and individuals who work are part of the Green Industry in Cape Cod as well as southeastern Massachusetts. This association was established more than 35 years ago and consists of more than 180 members. 

The top landscape vendors and organizations in the Green industry all come together to make up the Cape Cod Landscape Association (CCLA). The main objective of the CCLA is to promote awareness and education of the Green industry to its members and the community at large. 

The CCLA is dedicated to offering its members the most meaningful information to help them make decisions that directly impact their business. This can help them save costs and valuable time. 

Available Scholarships offered by The Cape Cod Landscape Association

In a bid to assist students around, the CCLA offers three forms of scholarships that students can enjoy. 

Let us look at each of them: 

For Tech school students from Cape Cod who will start work after they graduate, CCLA offers an award to them. They provide gift cards of $500 each to a tech school, which will help a student get ready for a job in the Green Industry. 

For Cape Cod students who have a goal of furthering their education in the Green industry, CCLA also provides the Mike Stacy Memorial Scholarship. However, the student must be a resident of Cape COD. 

Lastly, if you have a parent who is a member of CCLA, then you are qualified for a toolship award. What’s more, the only thing you need to be eligible is to be the daughter or son of a member who is of excellent standing. 

Becoming a Member of CCLA 

There are tons of benefits you stand to gain from becoming a member of the CCLA. First, it offers you and your green industry business a level of credibility and professionalism with your industry partners and clients. 

It also offers you access to resources and certifications that have to do with your industry. Also, you get access to national, local, and state issues among a range of others. 

The CCLA holds meetings weekly alongside a variety of speakers on subjects relevant to the current issues. Previous meetings have consisted of a pruning seminar that took place at a local nursery. The seminar covered advanced landscape lighting seminar with numerous speakers, alongside an irrigation installation class and many more.

Also, as a member, you get access to the following: 

  • Networking meetings every month with professional speakers on timely and crucial subjects. There is also a social hour before each meeting that allows each member to network and forge relationships with other experts in the Green Sector. 
  • Educational openings all year round to earn MNLA, MCLP, ISA, PACE, safety credits alongside other professional certifications.  
  • Involvement in events held in the community like Habitat for Humanity and other relevant charitable events. 
  • A website that is up-to-date and locally maintained. The website consists of industry news, educational opportunities, legislative news, member news, and other essential information. 
  • A yearly meet-n-greet is one of the most popular and well-attended events. This is a social event put together for members to network. 
  • Discounts at every local business, as well as membership discount at IA. 
  • Mike Stacy Memorial Scholarship
  • A board of director which consists of various leaders in the Green sector. These leaders are readily available to provide solutions to present issues or answering any questions that members may have. 

Types of Memberships 

There are various kinds of memberships, depending on your category. They include: 

Regular: This is for any firm, individual, or organization that actively participates in the landscape sector. 

Associate: This is for any firm, individual, or organization that actively participates in the business of industry that is associated with the landscape field. 

The following are the pricing 

  • 1-5 employees – $175
  • 6-10 – $225
  • 11-20 – $250
  • 21-40 – $275
  • 40-60 -$325
  • Associate member – $300

Other Activities CCLA Provides for Members 

Due run from the 1st of July to the 30th of June. If you become a member after the 1st of January, the CCLA prorates the dues until the end of their calendar year. 

Educational forums are also held on the second Thursday of every month, and members may need to check the home page each month for the location as this tends to change frequently. 

Classes always take place from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM and are always educational regardless of the company representative or speaker involved. 

Some of the other activities include: 

  • Annual Meeting and Holiday reception
  • Annual meet and greet 
  • Annual trade show and professional education seminar 
  • Annual golf tournament with the aim of raising scholarship funds and so on. 

The Cape Cod Landscape Association Board of Directors 

The CCLA is led by a board of directors that they elect during each of their annual meetings, which takes place in January. The board consists of members of the association who are passionate about the sector. 

The 2020 board of directors and officers of the CCLA include Paula Marlowe from Stonewood products as the president and Justin O’Connor from Read custom soils as the Vice president. Alex More from Tim Acton Landscaping plays the tole of the treasurer, and Thomas Malone from SiteOne Landscape Supply acts as the clerk 

Among the directors include the following: 

  • Sean Bishop from Ground Effects
  • Jane Ellis from Joyce Landscaping
  • Clint Ludwig from Maffei Landscape Contractors
  • Brian Mark from Chris Mark and Sons, Inc.
  • Bill McIntyre from Lawnsense
  • Swavi Osev from The S + E Companies
  • Chris Pine from C. Pine and Associates

Wrap up 

There are tons of non-profit trade associations out there, but CCLA does everything to stand out. Ranging from the numerous member benefits to the democratic nature of electing members and the dedication to ensuring members’ well-being, it is certainly worth becoming a member of this association.