If you are going to buy your first reef tank as an aquarist, you should know the importance of the filtration system. Basically, a filter is the key component to keep your aquarium healthy and presentable. Poor quality filtration means, poor coloration of your fishes and poor growth of the resident plants. So, you need to select the suitable filtration system. First, decide which type of fish tank you are going to have? Is it a planted or fish-only? While opting for the planted tank, it will require specific water condition and lighting systems for your inhabitant plants to thrive. Browse through the portal https://aquaristguide.com/best-filter-for-planted-tank/ to know the correct filtration system for your planted reef.

Here, we will discuss the best filter types suitable for a planted fish tank.


  1. Hanging Filters: these are quite a bit simple to filter your rank and are available in almost every size and shape that you can easily fit into your aquarium. It saves money also. It reduces the amount of CO2 in the water and agitates the surface by increasing the release of CO2 in the water. Thus it doesn’t let your CO2 to waste. It helps plants grow. But, the noise can disturb you sometime.
  1. Canister Filters: these are really the best choice in order to create extremely effective crystal-clear water. Lots of professional aquascapers use this filter for their tank and that too at a mid-range price. Here you can select a custom filter option to provide the best filtration in your tank. You can control and modify the flow. It increases the beneficial bacterial growth.
  1. Internal Filters: as the name suggests, internal filters are placed inside the tank and are totally submerged. Though they not much popular in these days, still they are really effective in order to filter the tank properly. This can be a good choice for the small filters specifically smaller than the 20-gallon filters. You have to place more equipment inside your tank that can affect the beauty of the aquarium. Thus some of the experienced aquascapers do not value this filtration system.
  1. Wet/Dry Filters: these filters lead to the maximum beneficial bacterial growth. But you cannot use them frequently due to their extreme maintenance demand. Sometimes you may have to use a completely separate tank for the growth of the plants and the beneficial bacteria. But, this filtration system provides actual crystal-clear water.

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