There are methods for both the beginners and advanced users following which you can find your ideal crossbow.

Starting it off with knowing your needs: not every user has the same requirements from a crossbow. There are different goals for different people. Some want to have better speed while others seek lightweight with accuracy.

  • For anyone who is looking to meet with the goal to have better velocity weights is what you must run behind. With heavy draw weights, the velocity increases and arrow go faster. This scenario fits well for hunting. However, as the weight increases, it gets really hard to draw the arrow. It is not just about the size of the crossbow which matters but the weight also matters. Some people are not strong enough to handle some specific crossbows but you might get a stronghold on the crossbow. This calls for a personalized crossbow which can match your techniques.
  • For hunters, it is best to have noise-canceling crossbows. So, when you are on a hunt it doesn’t frighten your prey before you shoot your arrow. The crossbows of this category are recurved crossbows
  • For women, the task of selecting a good crossbow in the budget is extremely difficult. This task is harder when you are a beginner and looking for a crossbow.

Below are some great options mentioned from which you can pick one suiting your goal:

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow package

It could be amazing to use this package in your earlier days and then move to the really good stuff. The price falls in the category and the weight is also great for regular use. It doesn’t weigh more than 130 lbs which means it can be used by bodied hunters and women.

Pros list to know before purchase

  1. Easily adjustable
  2. Performance is reliable

Cons list which you might face

  1. The scope is not good
  2. The overall quality of the product could have been better


Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package

It is a great option for absolute lovers. The price is high but it produces a quick response with perfection in a target. It can reach a speed of 410 fps with a lightweight crossbow. This is not the best part you will surely fall in love with the balance that it provides. The scope is good to handle. Package has a sling, arrow, scope and a quiver.

Pros of the product

  1. Excellence in accuracy can be achieved
  2. Lightweight and easy to carry
  3. Amazing balance and stability
  4. Perfect speed

 Cons you might experience

  1. The scope is not moisture resistant
  2. Foggy weather can’t be spotted
  3. Price is high.

The discussed are some great options mentioned which can help you to make a better purchase decision.