Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

University of MN Landscape Arboretum

Located in Chaska, Minnesota is the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. It is 1,200-acres of a horticultural garden that is accessible to members of the public except on Christmas day and on Thanksgiving Day. This landscape is one of the many parts of the Department of Horticultural Science at the University of Minnesota. To get into this piece of land, you will need to pay an admission fee. You can also apply for an annual membership.

Minnesota landscape arboretum which is the biggest public garden in the upper west was set up in 1907. At its establishment, it was the Horticultural Research Center and was focused on the development of cold-hardy crops like Northern Lights azaleas and the Honeycrisp apple. After existing for 51 years, it was converted to the arboretum which was established by Leon C. Synder on a 160 acres piece of land.

Minnesota landscape arboretum is not the only horticultural site in Minnesota. It, however, is the most diverse, most complete and the largest. It contains up to 5,000 plant varieties and is believed to be a means of keeping the watershed which measures up to 1200 acres protected.

Featured by the arboretum are perennial, as well as annual display gardens, marshes, prairie, woodlands, a maze garden, a Chinese garden, a Japanese garden, the Harrison Sculpture Garden, demonstration gardens, and plants that were designed for northern climates. It also contains hardy shrub roses, wildflowers, iris, hostas, ornamental grasses, dahlias, and clematis.

Apart from the already popular features of the Minnesota landscape arboretum, some additions have been made recently. Some of these additions are the Tashijan Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center and the Farm at the Arb. That’s not all. There is also a conservatory and horticultural library.

At the Meyers-Seats Conservatory are collections of orchid, cactus, and bromeliad. Furthermore, at the Andersen Horticultural Library are 15,000 books on botany, natural history, nursery catalogs, research materials, children’s literature, and horticulture

When visitors to the arboretum drive for three miles, they will go past a good degree of its collections. If you have a lot of time on your hand and also the right level of fitness, you can decide to do this three miles by foot. If you need a guided tour, you will have to pay some money in addition to your entrance fee. These guided tours might be done by foot, bus, or tam. Although taking a guided tour is not compulsory, you will enjoy the Minnesota landscape arboretum better if you decide to take advantage of a guided tour.

How Much Must You Pay to Get into the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum?

This landscape arboretum is open to people of all ages. However, the cost of gaining access is dependent on your age.  For visitors from the age of 16 and above, an admission of fee of $15 has to be paid. However, people from the age of 15 years and below are allowed to gain entry without making payments.

When getting access into Minnesota landscape arboretum as a group of 15 people, you will need to pay a fee of $12 each. This includes the driver.

Opening Time

The Minnesota landscape arboretum is open between 8 am and 8 pm from May-September. In October, it is open between 8 am and 7 pm. Between November and April, every visitor has to be out of the garden by 4:30 pm.

What can be done in the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum?

Beyond visiting this garden simply to have a view of its natural scenery, there are other activities that can be carried out. Featured by this garden are banquet facilities with a capacity of 300. You also do not need to come along with your food as there are catering services available. 

If you will be visiting this site by air, you do not have to worry about a proper landing space as there is a commercial air service very close by.

There are 10 meeting rooms in this garden. The largest of them has a capacity of 3765 people

Beyond being a beautiful site for people that enjoy nature, there is a lot you can do at the Minnesota landscape arboretum. You can take part in a couple of adventures in the day and spend time watching northern lights by night. That’s not all. You can have dinner in the world’s walleye capital Ski trails covered with snow that is dotted with lush forests and glistening lakes. You can also go-ahead to cross the Mississippi’s headwaters.

Digital Map

While people visiting this site have the choice of either moving around with a tour guide or on their own. If you are ready to pay some extra money for a tour guide that will be a good thing to do. However, if you do not want to pay for a tour guide, to get the best that the Minnesota landscape arboretum has to offer, you will need a digital map. With this site’s digital map, you can find your way around the 1200 acres of land housing this garden without any worries of getting missing. 

This digital map has a location button that will locate your position on the ground. Once it locates your position, it will direct you to the various amenities like parking areas, bathrooms, and lots of other important joints in the Minnesota landscape arboretum.

Different Blooming Seasons

The scenery at this arboretum is always beautiful. It, however, is not static. It changes with the season. In very much the same way as there are different seasons, the plants at this arboretum also bloom at different times. So, if you visit at a time the plants are not blooming, that is not an indication that they do not exist, it simply means it is not their season.

It might be difficult to get to see a plant of your choice if you are not sure when it blooms. Going by this, to get the best from your visit to the Minnesota landscape arboretum, you should visit its website to discover the time each plant blooms. When you do this, you can always get to see a plant of your choice each time you visit.