NALP Landscape

National Association of Landscape Professionals Certification

The National Association of Landscape Professionals of NACP was formerly known as the Professional Landcare Network (Planet). It happens to be a professional body for landscape management professionals (exterior maintenance contractors), lawn care professionals, interior plantscapers and build/design/installation professionals. In fact, it is a national trade association that represents close to 100,000 landscape industry professionals in the US, Canada, as well as overseas.

All the member companies specialize in either lawn care, tree care, landscape installation and design, water management and irrigation, landscape maintenance and interior plantscaping. Some of the members of this association also include consultants, students, state associations, industry suppliers, and some affiliate members.

A Brief History

ALCA or the Associated Landscape Contractors of America was initially founded in the year 1961. ALCA, in collaboration with NASA, sponsored the NASA Clean Air Study that was published in the year 1989. Once this study was published, the ALCA decided to form the Foliage for Clean Air Council, which was later renamed as the Plants for Clean Air Council or PCAC. It was basically a non-profit that promoted the use of plants in both offices and homes. In the year 2000, PCAC was dissolved due to lack of proper funding.

In the year 1993, the ALCA successfully established the Certified Landscape Professional or CLP credential that was expanded in the future into what is popularly known as the Landscape Industry Certified program. The Professional Lawn Care Association of America or the PLCAA was later founded in the year 1979. Planet was formed on the 1st of January, 2005. This happened when PLCAA merged with ALCA. As days went by, it was branded as the National Association of Landscape Professionals on the 1st April, 2015.

Certification Program

Landscape Industry Certified happens to be a broad and rather powerful distinction for different individuals who are keen in taking their skills, experience and desire for excellence to an all new level simply by testing, studying, and becoming certified. They can easily stay on top of their game simply by maintaining their certification for a period of 2 years through the recertification program. The International Certification Council administers the certification program for Planet.

There are several certifications that are available leading to the Technician, Certified Manager or a combination of Technician and Manager Designations. It is normally seen that landscape and lawn professionals often choose between either:

  1. Exterior technicians in softscape installation, turf maintenance, hardscape installation, irrigation or ornamental maintenance.
  2. Landscape contractor business managers or owners should always consider the Manager designation.
  3. Professionals from the green industry who are looking to expand or even reinforce their vast knowledge of landscape plant life should always consider the designation of the Horticulture Technician.
  4. It is important for interiorscape technicians to consider the designation of Interior Technician.
  5. Lawn care practitioners who are interested to underscore their commitment and professionalism to the best possible practices, should always consider the newest designation, which is the Lawn Care Technician – National.

Reasons to Hire a Local and Registered Landscaper

Owning a home means a lot of responsibilities. If you have a garden or a backyard, you also have to take good care of it so that it remains attractive and beautiful all the time. You will find many people opting for landscaping their gardens. Although this is a wonderful way to enhance the overall beauty and value of your property, it also means that you need to hire a local and registered landscaper for the project. There are several reasons for you to do so. Some of these reasons are discussed below.

  • They Know What They Should Do: Landscaping is more than merely digging away at certain intervals of your backyard. It is like an art that is best left in the hands of experts. It is always better to hire local professional landscapers. These people will know about the different soil conditions, weather conditions in your area, and soil pH level. Accordingly, they can work with the landscaping project. Outside professional landscapers may not know about such information.
  • Provide You With A Complete List Of Services: When you hire professional landscapers, you will notice that they do not just help with the designing of your garden, they also provide a list of other services that are relevant for the proper maintenance of your yard. These professionals can also help create and conceptualize an entire plan for you from the very beginning. Chances are that it will also include the water features for your own flower bed.