Finally, the need for speed goes back to its roots with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. We’re not saying that the other Need for Speed games went terribly in recent years, but they have deviated a bit from their roots and often seemed completely different video games. Last chase game was actually on the PS2, and since then we have needed quick games that we often felt were related to the fast and furious film franchise.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit picked up where the franchise has ended on the PlayStation 2, and this game looks like a dumpster fix it. This game is about fast driving, leaving police officers and causing some bizarre car accidents. The need for speed returns, and it does not shoot.

How to play?

The chase game is excellent, and driving is like a Burnout franchise, of which we are a fan. The cars are well managed and have a good weight. The only thing that we liked about this game was that if you run or hit the barrier, your car very slow, guess it would be in real life. When you get to the walls and other cars when the damage occurs, that is again a step in the right direction, and if you make the maximum speed, and you get a serious accident, it is likely that you would have destroyed your car. The ability to destroy your car is an excellent feature in this game, and also makes the player more challenging and enjoyable.

need for speed most wanted free

Having said all of the above, you will be pleased to know that clean handling rewarded need for speed most wanted free although at times it is almost impossible not to interrupt your opponent off the road due to your breach of exposure.

One of the features added to the game is that you can play both as a runner and a cop. This allows players to offer some flexibility. By raising the level in the game, you can also unlock some cool weapons. This weapon includes the EMP and Spike strips, which makes your opposition very fun.


We enjoyed the need for Hot Pursuit speed, but one complaint we have in the game – is that if you are new to the franchise or do not play in a lot of racing games, when you start this game, it is quite difficult to practice a bit. However, once you master driving, it’s really a fun experience.