Exemplary Spanish Translation Under One Roof

The world is extremely diverse that one doesn’t really keep count of the constantly evolving languages spoken by people around the world. Believe it or not, Spanish, also called as Castilian, is one of the most popular languages to top the charts. In fact, it’s the second most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese, which is spoken by 437 million people!

Often going in line with French and Italian, Spanish is also considered a romantic language that’srecognized in 21 nations, and is also an officially recognized language of the European Union. It does not stop there, since it’s widely used as a diplomatic language in many International Organizations, like UNESCO, WHO,and many others.

It’s no surprise that the demand for translating from and to Spanish is common practice. This raises the need for Spanish to English Translation Services  and viceversa. One agency that caters to all this and much more is DCH Translations, which has its headquarters in Manchester, UK.

Spanish to English Translation Services

Translation made convenient

DCH Translations has excellent services in translating to and from more than a hundred languages. All kinds of documents – literary, legal, medical, and business are accepted for translation at very competitive prices. Services are available for individual clients as well as companies and organizations.

It’s amazing that the agency treats all its clients with equal importance and provides highly professional service within reasonable turnaround times. Each project, big and small, is assigned a project manager along with two highly qualified translators.

All employees who work on translating documents or websites are native speakers. They are highly experienced professionals in the field assigned to them. This makes it almostimpossible for thetranslation to go wrong. Despite all this, all translated documents are proofread, certified, and doubled up with a cover letter.

Although prices may vary depending on the size and content of the article, the agency chooses to be extremely transparent. They go with a tried and tested method for calculating costs incurred on each translation document.

On an average, most Spanish to English Translation Services cost 0.09 per word for articles going beyond 5,000 words, while the shorter ones are wrapped up at a lower price.

If you have any questions or concerns, the agency is available 24/7 to assist you in the best way possible. In fact, many multinational companies are clients of the agency, which is proof enough of their quality and proficiency.