No matter whether you are the big or small business owner, your web site has to come out from other 250 million websites on internet. The website audit is a first step to formulate an effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategy. This shows different parts of your site that presents the potential issues that should get addressed, opportunities to improve and challenges to overcome. However, what is SEO Audit, who must do it & why is it very important?

What is SEO Site Audit?

SEO audit is the top-to-bottom website review that points out the on-page issues as well as presents recommendations and suggestions for fixing any said issues or ways to improve the current implementations.

Who must do it?

Generally, it must be the SEO specialist. You may do it yourself; however can you fix your house electrical, plumbing, and service your car? No, then it is better leave it to the professionals only. Suppose your business is situated in New York that does not mean that the audit needs to be done by somebody in a same location. There’s the wonderful technology called internet. Outsourcing to the remote digital marketing team in New York, is efficient, straight-forward, and will be the significant cost saving to employ in-house SEO and hiring locally based marketing agency.

SEO specialist

Why to optimize for search?

Perhaps we must first know what will happen if you have not optimized for search — very little or almost no search traffic, complete lost customers and leads, to competitors and lost in revenue. So, search is one common activity that is done on internet, second to reading & sending emails. No matter whether it is about researching the new hobby, learning to fix the leaky tap and finding answer to the problem, people will turn to internet and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more to find answers to their questions.

Given the amount search volume done each second of a day, and SEO gives an opportunity for the businesses to rake at serious traffic or other long-term advantages at the lower cost when compared to the Pay-Per-Click and Adwords (although that is not to say search ads must be ignored. Actually, PPC ads are very important for success in the search and will deliver very strong results if used in tandem and carefully planned search engine optimization strategy).