Teufel Landscape

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Most of the modern day homes have their own personal gardens. Some homeowners like to keep their gardens well-kept and neat while some tend to ignore their backyards a lot. It is needless to say that a properly landscaped garden helps to make your property look more attractive. When you decide to sell off your property, a well-landscaped backyard can easily fetch you a higher price than what you may expect. Thus, in other words, landscaping your garden is not an expense but a long term investment. It will surely give you great returns with time.

Teufel Landscape

You will come across several professionals who can help you with a properly and beautifully landscaped backyard. Although all of them will claim to be the best, in reality very few will actually be reliable and reputed when it comes to landscaping your property. One of the reputed companies that can help you in this matter is Teufel Landscape. They happen to be a nationally recognized leader when it comes to large-scale commercial property landscaping, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

Teufel Landscape partners with some of the reputed professional contractors, developers, owners and managers of great quality properties in order to provide some of the best expert landscaping services. These services vary from designing to installation to management. They are proud to have a proven track record as far as a full service provider is concerned of design, quality plants, and maintenance and construction services on some of the highly unique, visible and technical projects.

More about Teufel Landscape

Teufel Landscape was initiated in the year 1890 and has been serving their customers with awesome environmental solutions ever since. The company was started by Gustav Teufel as a small gardening business from his home in West Hills Portland, Oregon. He did so shortly after arriving from his native country Germany to Pacific Northwest.

Ever since the small scale began out of a greenhouse right beside his home, the company grew up in size with the help of five generations of the Teufel family. They added and nurtured their business with the same legacy of love for natural land and planting beautiful plants.

In this modern era, Teufel Landscape has still maintained its local image and takes care of the business in a rather passionate manner. They are committed towards continuing the family tradition of superior quality and excellence that was set by their forefathers more than a century ago.

Services Offered

Teufel Landscape has successfully installed hundreds of residential and commercial landscape projects during its lifetime throughout the Pacific Northwest. Some of these include Stormwater swales, corporate business campuses, healthcare facilities, wetland and native area mitigation and remediation, streetscapes and residential communities, eco roof and green wall installations, mixed-use and retail facilities, parking lots and islands, outdoor shopping centers, as well as, city parks and sports fields.

They successfully use their extensive experience in designing expert solutions that are specific to the needs of their customers. These include LEED certification contribution, certified paver specialists, drainage solutions, erosion control and hydro seeding, custom carpentry, water management, irrigation design build and integrated pest management.

Contract Maintenance

It is needless to say that first impressions are always the last impressions. This is also something that Teufel Landscape strongly believes in. The experts of the company ensure that they safeguard the first impression of your property all the time. In the process, they maximize the return on your investment made on the landscape project. Teufel Landscape also helps design a customized and comprehensive round-the-year horticulture program. These programs are specific to your business priorities and requirements while, at the same time, giving topmost respect to the land. Their crew are also well-equipped and well-prepared with all the specialized tools needed for their job.

Site-Specific Elements That Are Necessary To Chalk Out Agronomic Plans

  1. Soil type
  2. Wind and sun exposure
  3. Intent of the design
  4. Topography
  5. Integrated pest management
  6. Maturity and varieties of plant material

Wetland Mitigations

The teams of Teufel Landscape are experts at restoring and creating wetlands in the Pacific Northwest. When you talk about wetlands, it basically refers to the link between water and land. It is also one of the most productive ecosystems on earth. They may either be vegetated with grasses, trees, sedges, shrubs or even moss in order to clean and even recharge the water supply, protect the homes and also provide wildlife habitat from flooding.

Some of their present and past projects include ponds, swales, highway reserves, riverbanks, existing wetland enhancements, and stabilization and preservation projects.