Shin splints, if you ask any runner out there, that’s the two words they do not want to hear, however, it is a recurring problem for a lot of runners regardless of the skill level, and in fact, shin splints are responsible for ten to 15 percent of all injuries related to running annually, and not to mention how much pain it causes to a lot of runners.

For those who have not experienced shin splint, it sounds not so painful from the outside in, however, once you experienced having this, for sure you will know the suffering a runner can have and will surely affect your training, your plans, and even your performance.

In case that you are experiencing a painful sensation below the knee area and above the ankle while you are running, you might be wondering if you are developing a shin splint, and most importantly you are searching the internet right now for answers.

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Nobody at any experience level wants to experience the pain from this kind of injury, but here is the thing, although you may be suffering from that kind of injury right now, but that does not mean it cannot be treated at all, each runner out there always suffer any kinds of injury at some point in their lives and that is normal, it is part of the process just like the saying goes “No pain, No Gain”, however, it does not mean that you should be tolerating it, and instead you should find a way to alleviate the pain and decrease the symptoms of it.

You want to know how? Well, in this article, let us teach you the best ways in choosing the best running shoes for shin splints so hopefully, you will have a fun time reading and learn something out of it.

The first step is to choose a running shoe that is designed for shin splints for obvious reasons. This is because running shoes that are designed for shin splints highly compliment the impact of your foot’s strike while you are striding. Running shoes that are designed for shin splints have thicker and more comfortable cushioning and has a better shock absorbing soles perfectly designed for comfort and performance.

Major brands that design running shoes have their own versions of this kind of running shoes which will give you a wide choice.

Another important tip is to practice the right form of running. According to running experts and sports science experts, one of the main reasons why athletes regardless of the sport they are engaging suffer from injury is doing the wrong form. Runners, especially if they do the wrong stride and wrong form will surely develop themselves an unwanted injury considering that they repeatedly execute the wrong form over and over again as they run.

Practicing the correct stride, the form and position of the body and pacing might be difficult at first but once you develop this kind of habit, your chances of getting an injury or getting shin splints will surely be minimized tremendously.