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Whittlesey – Austin Landscape Rock Supply

The Whittlesey landscape supply was founded by Clayton Whittlesey and his two brothers in 1975. It was firstly a lawn maintenance and landscaping operation company. In the year 1979 they turned the company to a full-time landscape yard supply company. It was a first of its kind which supplies special mixes, rock, gravel, stone, garden soil and compost. In the year 1985, Clayton took over the company completely from his brothers and became the sole owner. He kept on specializing in custom-blended soil mixtures as well as gravels and compost.

As the team at the company found that the conversion of green waste to produce compost and mulches was benefiting their customer, they decided to invest more time on it. The company expanded again in the year 1990 to Round Rock, Texas. Nowadays Whittlesey Landscape Supplies & Recycling provide a varied number of composts, mulches and soil blends and also customize soil for specialty landscapes for many of their clients. It has its own trucks thus ensuring that it provides its customers great service and quality. They now provide varied products and an amazing fleet of equipment. The company and their staff cater to a large number of customers.

Products Offered

At Whittlesey Landscape Supplies understand how important landscaping is to their clients. It does not matter if your project is residential or commercial you would get the best quality material at Whittlesey Landscapes supplies. The products are of high quality enhancing the beauty of your garden and also adding value to your property. They have the best custom soils, stones, gravels, varied variety of rocks and mulches which are professionally developed that match to your requirements and your landscape.

The team at Whittlesey Landscape Supplies make sure that they strive to enlighten your landscape with products which are naturally made. They even make sure that the colors match. They deliver to your home or your workplace. So, you don’t have to be worried if it is just a packet or a truckload of products that needs to be delivered. Listed below are the products you would find at Whittlesey Landscape Supplies.

Chopped Rock: They provide their clients with a varied variety of chopped rock. They cater to all customers and do not differentiate because of their needs. They also match the color of the chopped rock according to your requirements.  Some of the chopped rock found are:

  • Autumn Blend Sawed Chop
  • Grand Canyon Sawed Chop
  • Grey Lueder Sawed Chop
  • Limestone Dry Stack
  • Limestone Sawed Chop
  • Nicotine Limestone Sawed Chop

Gravels: There are many types of gravels such as pea gravel and washed river gravel which are available for many purposes such as adding to mixes of concrete and for adding good look to your rock garden. Types of gravel which are available are:

  • Arizona Gravel
  • Blackstar Gravel
  • Blackstar Screenings
  • Brazos Gravel
  • Calico Gravel
  • Colorado Rainbow Gravel
  • Colorado Salt & Pepper Gravel
  • Concrete Mix
  • Crushed Limestone
  • Crushed Limestone Hardrock
  • Crushed Marble
  • Decomposed Granite
  • Granite Base
  • Limestone Screenings
  • LLano River Rock
  • Roadbase
  • Santa Fe Gravel
  • Tex-Mex Gravel
  • Tumbled Marble
  • Washed Granite Gravel
  • Washed Pea Gravel
  • Washed River Gravel

Mulches: People generally choose Mulch for their gardens in Texas. It keeps the moisture in and lessens the water requirement for your plants in your garden. It even keeps away pests from vegetables and flowers in your garden. Also, when the mulch in your garden ages it adds many minerals which are important in the sole of your garden.  Some of the mulches are:

  • Black Dyed Mulch
  • Chestnut Cedar Mulch
  • First Grind Cedar Mulch
  • First Grind Hardwood Mulch
  • Living Mulch
  • Natural Cedar Mulch
  • Red Dyed Mulch