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Woerner’s Turf & Landscape Source Pensacola FL

The whole team at Woerner landscapes is dedicated to the production of the world class grasses and products of landscaping. It has enhanced its real estate business and has only added to their business. It has devoted itself in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world. Their belief is to manufacture the products which are long lasting and of high quality. The Woerner Landscape has its own distribution centers that caters to sod of premium quality, outdoor living center items, landscaping supplies in many cities in the United States (Southeastern Region).  You can browse through their products which have a huge variety of landscape material at any of their 4 outlets – Pensacola, Ft. Walton, Birmingham and Gulf port.

Products Available

Sod & Turf

The Woerner Landscapes have the turf grass which is of best quality.

  • Woerner’s Classic St Augustine: It is a Southern Style grass which has beautiful green color and wide blades and is better than other varieties of St Augustine.
  • TifTuf™ Certified Bermuda: The latest product from the word famous Tifton Campus which is at University of Georgia. It is a high quality of grass which has high tolerance to traffic, cover capability, drought/cold tolerance and the skill to achieve Spring green color even faster than that of other varieties of Bermuda grasses.
  • Palisades Zoysia: It is one of the most famous grass in the market nowadays. It has shade and drought tolerance and has very little maintenance. Perfect for golf courses.
  • Emerald Zoysia: It is a variety of hybrid which has dark green color and fine grass blade. It also requires less mowing and is best when you have a lot of people walking on it. It also has a great tolerance to cold. It has become very popular in the Gulf Coast region.
  • Bermuda 419: Very common in Golf courses and is very versatile, durable and drought tolerant grass. It can be mowed very small and it has a thin blade with foliage which is dense. Their color is medium light green to dark green.
  • Centipede: It is one of the largely used turf grasses all around Louisiana, Florida, Gulf Coast and Mississippi. It has high durability and has low maintenance.
  • Floratam St. Augustine: Its texture is coarse- textured and has a longer and wider leaf blade which is one of the most distinguishing features of this grass. It grows during both summer and spring and is generally dark green in color.
  • CitraBlue St. Augustine: This is also coarse-textured and also has a wide leaf blade. It needs moderate water and mild mowing. It is available in dark green to blue texture and has a high tolerance to traffic.


Paver has immense strength and capability to last and to withstand pressure and weight with very little maintenance.

  • Tamron: There are different kinds of Tremron such as Stonehurst, Olde Towne, Mega old Towne, Bluestone, Brick Pavers, temple Hurst, Park Plaza Pavers, Bullnose Coping, Stonegate Retaining Wall, Munich Fire pits, Roma Edgers & Romanesque Circle Kits.
  • Belgard: There are different kinds of Belgard such as Bergerac, Eco Dublin, Lafitt Rustic Slab, Mega Lafitt & Cambridge Cobble.
  • Pavestone: There are different types of pavestones such as Holland stone, Capriana, Plaza stone, Venetian Stone, Pool Coping & Grasstone
  • Wall Blocks: The products which Woerner Landscape provides are beautiful. Listed below are some names which they have given to the wall blocks.
  • Diamond Pro stone Cut: The area outdoor which is of any shape and size can be converted with these wall blocks.
  • Diamond Pro: They blend with the different locations and environment thus are a popular choice.
  • Diamond: It provides amazing performance and a strong wall.